Applications invited for guest faculty in mechanical engineering
Applications invited for guest faculty in mechanical engineering. Apply now. Interview on Monday 3/2/20
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Civil Engineering

The department offers B-Tech degree in Civil Engineering and is affiliated to APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University(initially Kerala Technological University). Annual Intake is 60 + 5% tuition fee waiver

Total Seats

  • 60 Seats + 5 % Tuition Fee Waiver (Merit- 36, Management- 21, NRI – 3 Fee Waiver – 3)
  • 6 Seats for Lateral Entry (Merit- 3, Management- 3)

Faculty and Staff Members

Prof. Dr. Roobin V.VarghesePrincipal & Professorprincipal.cemp@gmail.com9495597311
Ms. Uma MohanAssistant Professor(On Study Leave)umabijoy85@gmail.com7907934926
Ms. Vinu VijayanAssistant Professor & HODvinuvijayancape @gmail.com9446910156
Ms. Salma NajeebAssistant Professorneenunajeeb@rediffmail.com9447708906
Ms. Lincy KoshyAssistant Professorlin.koshy@gmail.com9946979611
Mr. George AlexAssistant Professorjygrgcape@gmail.com9447464650
Ms. Angitha K.K.Assistant Professorang5363@gmail.com9747972964
Ms. Jain Suzan ZachariahAssistant Professorjain.suz@gmail.com9495417085
Ms. Reshma M.RajuAssistant Professorreshma.m.raju@gmail.com9562499628
Ms. Devika A.S.Assistant Professordevikasuresh777@gmail.com7561808456
Mr. Gokul KrishnanAssistant Professorgkrishnan3070@gmail.com9400786570
Ms. Premletha M.Assistant Professorpremlethamohandas@gmail.com8606160974
Mr. Achu V.Assistant Professorer.achu.v@gmail.com8086775524
Ms. Minimol V.JLab Staffminimolvj18@gmail.com8714264690
Mr. Abhijith VijayanApprentice Traineejitha850@gmail.com9544013734