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The college has a Students Union, an elected body from the students. Its objectives are

  • To enable the students in effective delivering of duties, taking responsibilities and observing the rights of citizenship.
  • To promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership, efficiency, knowledge and spirit of service among the students.
  • To encourage sports, arts and other cultural, educational and recreational activities that are incidental and conducive to the above objectives.
  • To work for the general welfare of the student community.

The term of the union is generally for one year from the date from which the union assumes office or till the date of the elections to the union in the subsequent year. The college also has sectional associations in each department.


College Union Election 2019-20

Elected College Union Executives

Name of the PostName of the CandidateElectoral Roll No:
The ChairmanANEESH A.KUMARCS/S7/10
The Vice ChairmanANKITHA KRISHNA S.CE/S7/10
The General SecretaryAKSHAI B.S.ME/S5/09
The Joint SecretaryDROUPADI MOHANEC/S7/06
The Editor of the College MagazineHARIKRISHNAN K.S.CE/S3/20
The Arts Club SecretaryPRATHYUSH M.EE/S7/27
The Secretary for SportsYEDU KRISHNAN K.D.ECE/S7/19
The First Year RepresentativeGOUTHAM KRISHNACS/S1/29
The Second Year RepresentativeSENITH SEBASTIANME/S3/36
The Third Year RepresentativeAMY ALEYAMMACS/S5/03
The Fourth Year RepresentativeAMAL K.PRINCEME/S7/15
The M-Tech First Year RepresentativeKRISHNENDHU K.CS/M1/02
The M-Tech Second Year RepresentativeSIJI A.V.CS/M3/11
The Lady RepresentativeATHIRA ASHOKEC/S7/04
The Secretary for Tech FestAKHILESH CHANDRANME/S5/07

"Kuthippu 2019": Annual Sports Meet 2019

Annual Sports Meet “Kuthippu 2019” was conducted on 06-11-2019. The meet was inaugurated by Pallathuruthy Boat Club representatives Sri. Saneesh and Sri. Gandhiraj. PBC was the rowing team of the Nadubhagom Chundan, the Champions, in Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2019.